9 Smart Monthly Goals Ideas To Set
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9 Smart Monthly Goals Ideas To Set

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If you are looking for goals to set for the month, here are monthly goals ideas and examples to start with.

The beginning of every month is another opportunity for you to set new goals. As the month ends, we need to start a new month with new targets or objectives. In other to help you with your monthly goals planner, we have compiled a list of 9 smart monthly goals ideas you should set at the beginning or end of every month to increase your productivity and life performance.

Setting monthly goals is crucial for staying focused and increasing your productivity. Anyone without life goals, targets, or aspirations is like a vehicle without control. You will be moving to and fro without any specific direction or destination. Below are new goals to set every month to improve your life.

9 smart monthly goals ideas to set
monthly goals ideas

9 Smart Monthly Goals Ideas To Set

1. Financial goals

Here, you outline how to take your finances to the next level. It can be goals on how to increase your income, debts to clear asap, things to invest in, bad habits that are keeping you poor, or things you shouldn’t do with your money this month.

Financial freedom starts with financial goals. Therefore, you need to set goals around your finances. Take note of things that are not valuable you’re investing your money on. Write down the various money mistakes you made last month that you wouldn’t want to repeat this new month. When you are done, set new financial goals to increase your income and reduce your expenses. Your financial goals could be:

  • How much you’re targeting to earn this month
  • List of things to invest in
  • How to clear your debts
  • How to be smarter with money
  • Start no spend challenge

2. Personal growth goals

Personal development, improvement, or self-growth plan is one major thing you shouldn’t forget while setting goals for the month. A new month is an opportunity for you to improve. And this self-improvement comes from creating a personal development plan.

Write down the various ways you can make your life better this month. You can start with productive morning routine goals, productive night routines to start, and other self-growth ideas that will change your life. You can equally write down your weekly goals for the month.

Self-improvement does not happen unless you plan for it. So, set goals around your personal growth journey for the month. Your personal development goals can include:

  • Things to do to improve your life
  • Productive things to do this month
  • Habits to track

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3. Work goals

While setting personal goals, include your targets for your work or studies if you are a student. Examples of work goals to set for the month includes:

  • How to increase your performance at work
  • How to work less and be more productive
  • How to beat your competitors this month
  • How to increase sales this month
  • How to make your work easier this month
  • The percentage you want to increase your income, etc.

4. Journaling

If you have not started journaling, you are missing a lot. Starting a journal can improve your mental health and boost your productivity. Whether you are journaling for mental health, or for self-discovery, they are good monthly goal ideas to set for yourself. If you are the type that loves writing books, include journaling in your goals for the month. You can start a 30-day journal challenge for self-growth or self-discovery.

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5. Family goals

Your personal goals are different from your family goals. Your family goals for the month may include:

  • Actualizing your family needs
  • Clearing family debts, including your children’s school fees, etc.
  • Things to always do with your partner and your children this new month
  • How to improve the well-being of your family
  • Renting a new apartment, building a house, or buying plots of land.
  • Creating family financial plans
  • Opening a joint account with your partner

6. Relationship goals

The beginning of every month is an opportunity for you to improve the romance in your relationship. Your relationship goals for the month may include:

  • Ways to improve your relationship
  • Ways to improve communication in your relationship
  • Marriage seminars to attend before the month ends
  • Visiting couples’ therapists with your partner, etc.

7. Physical and Mental Health Goals

Your health should be among your top priorities. Here are examples of monthly goals to set for your physical health.

  • Healthy meals to start eating
  • Bad diets to stop
  • Daily exercise to start
  • How many times you should be meditating daily
  • How many times you should be going for medical checkups per month
  • Mental health journal prompts to write
  • Bad habits to stop
  • When to be eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner

8. Friendship goals

Your goals for the month should also include what you’re planning to do about your friendship or for your friends. These monthly objectives for friends include:

  • Old friends to visit this month
  • Things to do with friends
  • How to improve your friendship
  • Friends to leave this month
  • New friends to make this month
  • Friends to help

9. General goals

Your general goals for the month may include:

  • Books to read
  • Movies to watch
  • Places to visit
  • People to help
  • Books to write
  • New things to do
  • New habits to start
  • New things to learn, etc.

Dividing your goals into these sections will help you stay organized and actualize your goals or plans for the month.

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