10 Undeniable Signs He Wants To Break Up With You
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10 Undeniable Signs He Wants To Break Up With You

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I know you’ve been asking yourself ‘how do you know if he wants to end the relationship? Or ‘how do you know when he’s done with you? In this post, I will be sharing with you, ten signs that tell he wants to break up with you.

Every relationship begins well but not all ends well. Some don’t last more than a year, two years, or even three. Do you want to know why it is so? Here is why relationships fail and some signs that tell your relationship is failing.

Break up is never a sweet experience in anyone’s life, especially if you have fallen deeply in love. No one wants a failed relationship or even a broken heart, but not all relationships last forever. Here are 10 things a guy does when he wants to break up with you.

Signs He Wants To Break Up

1. He avoids you

The first thing a guy does when he’s no longer interested in the relationship is to start distancing himself from you. His avoidance is a sign he wants a breakup but maybe he’s scared of telling you. He pulls back by not getting in touch with you, nor even returning your calls. He doesn’t text you anymore. When you chat him up, it takes some hours or days to reply to your texts. All these are tale signs he’s breaking up with you.

2. He doesn’t seem to be satisfied with anything you do

Does he often pick up unnecessary fights or quarrels? It is a sign he’s sick and tired of the relationship. You might even be wondering if you are actually the cause of the whole thing, but you are not. He’s just looking for a way to let you know that he’s no longer satisfied with you and wants to go his way.

3. He tells you he’s tired of you

Probably, you’ve heard him say this many times. All he’s trying to communicate is that he wants a breakup. Not only does he say so but he threatens to break up with you.

4. He’s no longer affectionate with you

Love is needed to sustain every relationship. When love diminishes in a relationship, it’s a sign the relationship is about to end. Do you often feel like your boyfriend or husband doesn’t love you anymore? Maybe he was once romantic and caring, but along the line, things changed. He no longer cares about you, nor does he give you his attention. It’s an indication he wants to end the relationship.

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5. He has changed from who he used to be

Do you feel like he’s no longer the guy you met before? Probably he has totally changed. He no longer listens to you nor seeks your opinions. He seems to be toxic and very rude to you. These are signs he wants a breakup. If he still want the relationship to continue, you wouldn’t have noticed these warning signs.

6. He doesn’t want to fix things

Another way to know if a guy wants to break up is that he doesn’t make any effort to resolve or fix things whenever you have misunderstandings. He will rather avoid the problem than try to resolve it.

7. He no longer includes you in his decisions

If he doesn’t seem to involve you in his plans or decisions, it’s a sign he doesn’t need you anymore. A guy who still wants your relationship with him to continue will always involve you in the things he does. For instance, he will make future plans for both of you or even tell you what his plans are. But if he has stopped doing this, is a sign he wants a breakup.

8. There seems to be a huge gap between you and him

You don’t seem to like the same thing anymore. It just seems like you are not compatible with him as a result of the huge differences between you and him. He often disagrees with you. Every little communication results in arguments and quarrels.

9. He doesn’t spend time with you anymore

He seems to be busier with his phone, and work and spends more time with his friends than with you. Maybe you’ve complained several times but he doesn’t want to change nor make any effort to put things in order.

10. He is already dating another girl

Does he often cheat on you without being remorseful? It’s a sign he wants to break up with you. When a man wants to end a relationship with you, he cheats and doesn’t care to know how you feel about his actions. He’s doing that to make you feel jealous and upset, and even make the breakup easier for him.

Do you notice these signs in your relationship? Let’s know in the comment box below.


10 Undeniable signs he wants to break up with you
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