10 Signs He Will Propose Very Soon
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10 Signs He Will Propose Very Soon

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Will you marry me? I know you’ve been expecting to hear this from your boyfriend. I know how it feels if you’ve waited so long for a guy to propose but he hasn’t. Today, I will be sharing with you, 10 signs that tell a guy will soon propose to you especially if you are not sure whether he will marry you or not.

Love is a very powerful emotion. We fall in love and out of love every day. If we can count the number of crushes we have in a year, it will be up to a million, lolz. But in all this, our target is to settle with that one person God has destined for us, our soulmate.

It can be so frustrating if after dating a guy for some months or years and you’ve been expecting him to propose but he hasn’t. You will start wondering if the relationship will ever end in marriage or if you’re just wasting your time with him. It is normal to feel that way. After all, our heart is not a product you can use and abandon anytime you like.

Are you on the lookout for marriage proposal signs? Here are tale signs your boyfriend is going to propose any moment from now.

Signs He Will Propose Soon

1. He wants you to meet his family and friends

When a guy officially introduces you to his family members, it is a sign he’s about to propose to you. Having made you meet his parents shows he wants to get their consent first before asking you to marry him.

A guy who is not ready for marriage will not officially introduce you to his parents as his girlfriend. If he does, then he has a proposal in mind.

He may decide to introduce you to his friends but not his family members if he’s not yet ready for marriage. But when he finally breaks the ice by making you meet the people that matter to him, he’s planning to propose.

2. He tells you that you’re a wife material

When a guy has it in mind to marry you, he will tell you that you will be a good marriage partner. This might sound like a joke or a compliment but he’s saying this to make you realize that he has made up his mind to marry you and will break the ice any moment from now.

So, if your boyfriend ever tells you that you’re wife material, it means he feels that you’re both compatible and you have the qualities he wants in a woman he will marry.

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3. He asks you questions about marriage

When a guy is fully ready for marriage and is about to pose this sweet question ‘will you marry me?’ to you, he will start asking you questions about marriage to know if you are ready for it. For instance, he asks you questions like;

  • What is your ideal partner
  • What do you want your marriage to look like?
  • Where will you like to spend your honeymoon after your wedding?
  • How many children will you love to have?
  • Do you think a married couple should have a joint bank account?
  • At what age would you like to marry?
  • Do I have the qualities you want in a man?
  • Do you ever imagine your future with me? etc.

All these are signs he’s thinking about marriage and will soon propose.

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4. He makes future plans with you

Does he include you in his plans? These are indications that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you and will soon surprise you with a proposal. For instance, he says ‘we’ anytime he makes a plan or wants to make a decision instead of saying ‘I.’ The ‘we’ represents the both of you. This shows that he’s already seeing his future with you.

5. He’s making efforts to come and meet your people

How do you identify this sign? Check his financial life. Does he seem to have curtailed some unnecessary expenses just to save more money? This might be the money he will use to pay your bride price and carter for the wedding ceremony.

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6. He seems to be more interested in marriage

He attends marriage seminars, listens to podcasts about marriage relationships, and he’s even following different marriage counselors or coaches, online. This shows that he’s seriously preparing for marriage and a proposal is coming your way.

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7. He has stopped flirting with other girls

Believe it or leave it, guys flirts with different girls until they finally make up their mind that you are the one before they will push every other girl aside and focus on you (for guys who don’t cheat). Do you think you’re a priority to him and he doesn’t seem to flirt or even try to woo other girls even when you are not around? It’s a sign he wants to marry you. Get ready for a marriage proposal.

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8. He’s interested in knowing your future plans

Does he constantly ask you what your future plans are? It’s a sign he wants to have that future with you. He’s asking you this question to know if his plans matches or will match with yours. You get it, right? So, get ready to say ‘YES’ because he’s going to propose soon.

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9. He asks you about the type of wedding ring you like

If he has ever asked you this question, congratulations, your engagement ring is at the corner. I don’t have to explain in details for you to understand that he’s about to engage you. So, expect to hear ‘will you marry me’ soon.

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10. He talks about having children with you

A guy who doesn’t want to be with you will not talk about having kids with you. So, if he does, it means he wants to marry you. Just be patient with him, he will soon propose to you.

People also ask

How long do men usually wait before proposing?

A man can wait as long as six to one year or more before proposing marriage. Most couples date for one or more years before getting engaged. These periods are not the same for all men.

How long should you wait for someone to propose?

A minimum of 1 year and 6 months and a maximum of 2-3 years is enough to expect a marriage proposal.


10 Signs he will propose soon
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