10 Types Of Men You Should Date
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10 Types Of Men You Should Date

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When it comes to dating, every woman knows the type of man she wants to date. But what if he turns out to be the opposite of what you thought he was?

Below are the types of men you should date if you want to have a happy relationship.

Types Of Men You Should Date

1. A man with a vision

A man with vision knows where he’s going and will likely arrive there. You should consider dating this type of man. Not only will he support your dreams, but he will make your life better with all he will accomplish.

Most women make the mistake of dating every guy that comes their way, and in the end, they regret meeting or knowing him.

So, to avoid this mistake, look for a man with a purpose. If the guy coming to date you do not have dreams or vision, let go of him.

You can discover if he has a vision or not, by the way, he lives his life. If he lives carelessly, then it’s a sign he has no plan for himself, let alone having one for you.

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2. A man with a good humour

Everyone likes being with people that make them happy. Consider dating a guy with a good sense of humour. He will always put a smile on your face.

Avoid guys who are too serious. Such people will never be romantic in a relationship. But you see the funny guys? They are the most romantic in a relationship.

So, if you are the type of woman that wants a man that will make you laugh, consider dating a guy with good humour.

3. The cheerful giver

Dating a cheerful giver is like finding a precious stone. They will sacrifice everything just to make you happy.

Be ready to receive expensive gifts on your birthday, Valentine’s or even Xmas. The cheerful giver gives without expecting anything in return.

The only turnoff they have is when they discover you don’t love them. They will simply ghost you and never return to you.

4. The hero guy

The hero guy is brave and protects his woman.

If you are the type of woman that wants a man who will stand for you, then consider dating the hero guy. Everyone will be afraid to approach you because of him.

Guys in this category are most of the time, bad boys. They have bad social influence and are ready to harm anyone that tampers with their woman.

5. The shy guy

The shy guy doesn’t open up easily. Not because he doesn’t love you, but he’s just timid.

Is cool to date this type of guy, but don’t try to manipulate or intimidate him. He may not say a word, but you never can tell how badly you’ve hurt him.

When he loses interest, he will simply walk away without notice. Here are the things to consider while dating a shy guy.

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6. The woman pleaser

This type of guy never gets angry. Even if he is, he won’t show it.

The woman pleaser will go a long way to making sure that he makes you happy. Call him by 2 am he will answer you.

Tell him to cook for you he will gladly accept. It is not that he’s a fool. But he’s madly in love with you and doesn’t want to lose you.

While dating this type of guy, be ready to receive flowers, sweet text messages and unnecessary apologies.

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7. The sensitive guy

This type of guy is too sensitive to understand your mood or emotion.

When you are angry he will know. When you’re sick he will detect it in his spirit and ask you. Nothing is ever hidden in his sight.

You should consider dating this type of guy if you are looking for a man who will understand how you feel. Not only that, but he will give you the necessary attention you need.

8. The religious guy

The religious man knows many things about God and is more concerned about spiritual things. Dating this type of guy will help build your spiritual life.

He will always back you up in prayers in times of need or adversary. He will make sure your life is in line with the will of God. But if you are not ready to walk with him or respect his values, then the relationship is not going to work.

9. A hard-working man

You want to date a man you will be proud of, isn’t it?

A hard-working man will be a good match. One of the advantages of dating this type of man is that you will never go to bed with an empty stomach. He will always work hard to provide for you.

10. The gentle guy

In order not to find yourself in an abusive relationship, consider dating the gentle guy. They know how to treat a woman and will avoid hurting your feelings.

When they are at fault, they will meekly apologize to you. The humble guys make a good relationship. They listen to you and accept you for who you are, without trying to change who you are for their own selfish interest.

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