14 Physical Traits Men Find So Attractive In Women
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14 Physical Traits Men Find So Attractive In Women

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What do men find attractive in women? Are there physical traits in women, that men love and find irresistible?

When it comes to dating or being attractive to guys, your looks matter a lot. Men are visually stimulated. In other words, they’re more attracted to what they see than what they hear. Here is my previous post about how men fall in love to learn more.

If you’re wondering what men like in women? Here are 14 things in girls that attract guys badly.

What men find attractive in women

1. Hair

Women with a nice hairstyle are more attractive to men than women without. When a guy sees a girl for the first time, the first place he looks at is her face. Her face comprises the type of hairstyle she has. This attracts men so much.

2. Their smell

If you don’t smell good as a woman, you’re a big turn-off for guys. Men are attracted to girls who smell good whenever they approach them.

3. Their dress

No matter how pretty you are, if you don’t dress well, men will not find you attractive. In fact, your dress is the number one thing men notice about you. The colour of your cloth attracts men the most. Colours like red are so charming to men.

4. Their smile

Women who smile often are more attractive and charming to guys than women who don’t.

5. Buttocks

From time immemorial, men love to stare at women’s behind. They find this area attractive. Most men get attracted to bigger ones, whereas others love average ones.

6. Breast

Men also find this physical trait in women so attractive. You don’t need to have bigger breasts to attract guys. In fact, most men prefer an average one to a bigger one.

7. Skin colour

Your skin colour contributes to how attractive you will be to men. Some guys love women who are fair in complexion, whereas others prefer girls who are dark in complexion.

8. Eyes

Do you know that you can charm a guy with your eyes? Your eyes are another area of your body men find attractive. Most women look awesome with big eyes, whereas others are cute with tiny or normal eyes size.

9. Stature

Most men find tall women so attractive. A vast number of men don’t like short women. They prefer an average woman to a short woman.

10. Nails and feet

Your nails and feet are the two things guys take note of whenever you’re having a conversation with them. They find clean nails and feet very attractive. Whether you apply manicures and pedicures or not, make sure they’re clean.

11. Eyelashes

A woman’s eyelash is another part of her body men finds attractive. Some eyelashes are more attractive than others.

12. Their voice

A man will easily get turned off if your voice sounds like his own. Men are equally attracted by the sound of your voice. Men are attracted to women who speak softly.

13. Lips

The size and shape of your lips attract men. Although not every guy likes girls that apply lipstick or lipgloss, average men love to see your lips shining.

14. Nose

A girl with a pointed nose is more attractive to men than a woman with a normal nose. Does this mean you should work on your nose? No, you don’t have to. There are guys who also love women with normal nose sizes.


14 Physical traits men find so attractive in women
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