8 Challenges of Marriage in Our Society Today 
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8 Challenges of Marriage in Our Society Today 

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Why is marriage so complicated nowadays? There are many couples facing marriage problems all over the world. Some know how to handle these relationship problems and still hold their marriage intact, whereas others find it hard to cope with or resolve them, but see divorce as the best alternative. Continue reading to figure out the common challenges of marriage in our society today.

Sometimes, marriage becomes a big challenge for couples. Misunderstanding, misbehavior, bitterness, and disappointment are also major factors that ruin most relationships. These issues can be resolved with wisdom and patience with each other.

In this precise guide, you will discover common marriage problems and how to solve them and build a strong relationship with your partner. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Challenges of Marriage in Our Society Today 

Every problem has its solution. We are discussing some challenges of married life and also giving solutions in this precise guide.

1. Infidelity

A guy cheating on his girlfriend

Infidelity or unfaithfulness is one of the most common and huge challenges between married couples in the age of technology and the internet. There are many causes of infidelity in a relationship.

According to a survey, 20 percent of men are betraying their partners compared to 10 percent of women. Lots of couples are striving to resolve this problem.  


The weak connection and lack of trust in your relationship is the big reason for unfaithfulness. To resolve the problem of infidelity in your marriage, work on building trust in each other to make your relationship stronger.

2. Stress

Stress is also a common problem and a big challenge in most marriages. There are various reasons for stress and they include illness, money problems, family matters, and problems related to jobs, etc. these kinds of stress can be the reason for the breakdown between couples.


These issues can be resolved to talk to each other honestly and with wisdom. Unlike your relationship can be destroyed. Yoga and different kinds of exercises can help you to stress less.

3. Lack of communication

Lack of communication is one of the big problems between couples nowadays. Most misunderstandings occur because of a lack of communication. This is why you cannot build a strong relationship with your partner if your communication is weak. This problem can destroy your married life badly. Lack of communication is a big challenge in most marriages. 


To resolve this marriage problem, work on your communication skills. Try to be honest in your communication with your partner.

4. Lack of Attention

A man ignoring his wife

Attention is a basic need of human beings. Lack of attention is also a major problem among couples, particularly those who have a close relationship. Lack of attention can change the chemistry of your married life. This change is the cause of bitterness and sentiments in healthy relationships and most couples overreact because of the lack of attention from their partner.


If you want to have a strong relationship with your partner, you must listen to your partner. You can take some breaks from your daily routine and make a plan for outings to spend some time with each other.

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5. Technology and Social Media.

couple using their phones

Increasing interest in social media has destroyed most marriages. Today, most couples choose social media over their family and their spouse. We spend most of our time on these gadgets and moving away from healthy communication with our family. The virtual world is attracting us and we are falling in love with the devices around us instead of with our loved ones. This is the hurdle to a happy married life.


Keep your mobile phone and other devices away and go technology-free and spend a splendid time focusing on each other without any interruption, especially when it’s time for private talks or fun. This healthy activity will robust your relationship day to day.

6.  Bad Habits

Different people have different habits in the entire world. Some of these habits include laziness, smoking, drunkness, returning late from work, snoring, etc.


Habits are not fixed, they can be changed with effort and open communication between you and your partner. If your partner has any bad habits like smoking, drinking, and snoring these habits can be changed with healthy and polite discussion.

7.  Anger or Losing Temper

Wife being angry with her husband

Anger is a big problem and a common issue between couples. Losing your temper, and shouting in anger can instill fear and hatred in your partner. Your rage will make your relationship weak. Your shouting behavior will create trouble and hassle for you and your family. If you do not control yourself it can destroy your relationship in a short time.

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Anger is also a controllable issue. This problem can also be resolved with the help of counseling and learning to calm yourself down whenever you are angry or move away from the source of your anger.

8.  Boredom

bored couple

After spending a long time with each other, couples usually get bored with the same routine. They also get tired of their relationship. They need to change their routine. They also need to take breaks and spend some time with each other in their favorite spot, otherwise, boredom will become a big problem in your marriage.


To get rid of boredom, try to engage in different activities. Different kinds of activities will bring a dynamic change in your relationship and make your marriage less boring.

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Wrapping it up

Every relationship has its own issues. But all these marriage problems can be solved if you are willing to work toward having a strong relationship.

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