10 Signs A Man Has Anger Issues
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10 Signs A Man Has Anger Issues

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Ever wondering what has come over your husband or boyfriend that he is so harsh and so angry all of a sudden? He might be battling with temper problems. Read on to discover the signs a man has anger issues.

Every relationship has its own challenges. Even the best couples in the world will someday quarrel, have misunderstanding, and even get angry with each other.

Getting angry is a normal thing in every relationship. But not being able to control your emotions when you are provoked to anger is capable of destroying your relationship. Even a study shows that anger also affects one’s health.

A man with anger issues is always harsh, over-reactive, and most times, abusive. So, to save yourself from a toxic relationship, you must know how to identify a guy with anger problems. That is why we wrote this post to help you out.

Signs a man has anger issues

Why does my husband loss his temper so easily? My partner’s reactions are often inordinate to the situation, is this a sign of anger issues in men? Does my husband have anger issues? How do you know if your boyfriend has anger issues? All these are questions a lot of women ask online. So, you are not alone. And we are here to assist you.

Men with anger issues find everything so repulsive. They have problems controlling their reactions. That is why you can see a man with anger management issues lashing out once his temper is triggered.

Read on to discover the signs of anger issues in a man, or how to tell if a guy has anger issues?

Below are the signs a man is experiencing issues with anger management.

1. Every little thing Upsets him

A man getting upset by his girlfriend

How do you know if a guy has anger issues? He gets upset by every little mistake you make. Even when you try to apologize and explain, he doesn’t seems to listen to you. Rather, he gets angry and moves away.

Some years ago, I was waiting for a friend at the nearest bus stop in my town. Suddenly, I noticed a couple arguing opposite where I was standing. I became curious to know what the problem was, but finally discovered that the man was angry simply because his wife asked him a question he feels is not relevant.

You see! That is how a man that cannot control his anger does. He gets upset at every slightest provocation. He doesn’t care whether you are both in the public or not, he busts out in anger.

2. He shouts at you

a man shouting at his wife

Does your boyfriend or husband always shout at you? It is another way to identify a man that has anger issues.

Have you ever being having an interesting conversation with your husband or boyfriend, suddenly, the conversation turned into an argument, the next thing he did was to raise his voice on you? That is how a man that has a temper does. He uses a high tone on you each time you argue or try to challenge his actions.

Although, some men are born that way (speaking with high tones even when they are not angry), but most guys that have anger issues have this characteristic of addressing their partner with harsh tone.

3. He doesn’t hesitate to beat you

A guy about to beat his girlfriend

Quick tempered men have a hundred percent tendency of beating their wife or girlfriend. Even if your husband or boyfriend has not beaten you before but threatens to, or almost hit you whenever he is upset, he has a problem controlling his anger.

If your partner is the type that cannot exchange words (arguments) with you without beating you, this is another sign he has a temper. Although, if your husband or boyfriend has not beaten you before but always makes attempt, he is a man with anger issue.

4. He shows remorse but won’t change

A guy apologizing to his girlfriend for being mad at her

If your partner apologizes but keeps repeating his actions, is one of the signs he has a temper. For example, after apologizing for shouting at you or beating you out of anger and he keeps doing that, it’s a sign he cannot control his rage.

Apologizing when you are wrong is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy relationship. But without genuine repentance from your partner, it is nothing but a form of manipulation.

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5. He avoids you

A man avoiding his wife

Anger issues manifests in diverse ways. If a man avoids you each time you have misunderstanding with him and still come back after some time, it’s a sign he easily get angry. The only difference is that he avoids you whenever he is upset. Such men can even give you a silent treatment. It is their way of expressing their anger.

He might even stop talking to you for the whole day, week or even more than that, depending on the nature of the offense.

So, do not expect your husband or boyfriend to always shout or scream before you know that he has anger management problem. If a guy avoids you anytime you make him angry, it is a hidden sign of anger in him.

6. He abuses you with words

A guy abusing his girlfriend with words

Most men cannot remain silent whenever they are angry. So, you will know a man has anger issues if he cannot control what comes out of his mouth when he’s provoked to anger. He insults you with offensive words, and does not even bother to know how you will feel or react. He’s not deliberately doing that. The problem he has is that he’s too quick to get angry. And when he does, he finds it hard to control or hide how he feels.

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7. He Doesn’t tolerate

A man that doesn't tolerate

Another way to recognize a man that has anger issues is by how patient he is. A man with anger issues looses his temper very quick. He doesn’t take time to reflect before acting. That is why most of them beat their wife or girlfriend. They can’t just control the urge in them that pushes them to strike their woman.

8. He take decisions without you

A wife complaining that her husband took a decision without involving her

A man with anger problem acts as he likes whenever he is angry. He won’t listen to you at that moment until he has done what he wants.

So, if your boyfriend or husband does something that is contrary to what you both planned, simply because you had misunderstanding with him, it’s an indicator of anger issues in him. Men with anger problem likes revenge. That rage in them does not allow them to calm down whenever they are infuriated.

9. He always threaten to deal with you

A man threatening his wife

Does your husband or boyfriend always threaten your life or threaten to chase you out of the house at every slightest provocation? If so, then he has a temper problem.

You can identify a man who is too quick to get angry by how often he threatens you each time he is angry with you. For example, he tells you to leave his house, he rejects or avoids eating your food at that moment, etc.

10. He is harsh on you

A man folding his hand to beat his wife

The summary of the above-mentioned signs is that a man who has anger issues is always harsh on you. You know it because you are always afraid to do or say certain things in order not to infuriate him. When you finally do, he gets mad or shouts at you.

What causes a man to be short-tempered?

Factors like depression, family problems, abuse of alcohol, and financial problems can be reasons why a man may be too quick to get angry.

Can a man with anger issues change?

Aside from hereditary, any man with anger issues is capable of changing and being able to control his emotions whenever he is angry if he works towards it.

What does anger do to a relationship?

Apart from pride, uncontrolled anger is another destroyer of a healthy relationship. When a spouse always finds it difficult to control his or her emotions anytime they get angry, they will one day lose their partner and their relationship because of anger issues.

How do you deal with an angry man?

If there is anything you should do when a man is angry is to calm down. Keep quiet and don’t be tempted to respond or challenge him especially if you know he has a temper. Being calm is the best way to deal with an angry man.


10 Signs a man has anger issues
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