7 Differences Between Bumble And Tinder
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7 Differences Between Bumble And Tinder

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What is the difference between Bumble and Tinder?

Nowadays, people are pressed for time, and they find it hard to look for dates in the traditional way of meeting in bars, restaurants, and other places. Such people find a ready-made solution through dating apps.

However, there are innumerable dating apps available online that focus on various niche segments. Among these, two dating apps, Tinder and Bumble stand out in terms of their popularity and unique approach to finding matches for their subscribers.

Moreover, Tinder is well-known as the granddaddy of all the dating apps, While Bumble is considered one of the best Tinder alternatives.

Apart from users who want to date, entrepreneurs & businesses take inspiration from leading dating apps. If you have decided to develop a dating app, you should be familiar with Tinder & Bumble.

Hence, here we listed the main differences between Tinder & Bumble.

So, let’s start!

Differences between Bumble and Tinder 

Tinder and Bumble are two of the biggest dating apps that are available in the market. 

Many people use both of these to find the best match. However, there are many who are new to this game and want to select one of the two.

If you want to find which one of these two apps is the best solution for what you are looking for, but do not have hard data make an informed choice, then read the differences we have listed below to make up your mind.

1. Focuses on short-term/long-term relationships

Tinder has a reputation as a perfect hookup app.

While we may be generalizing, its overall design and how this app operates make it more convenient for those who are looking for a quick hookup.

In this app, everything is quick, creating your profile, selecting someone, and messaging that person, everything happens in double-quick time.

Compared to Tinder, Bumble is considered more of a classic dating app in which you can talk to someone who you find interesting and see if it turns into something more than just friendship.

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2. Gender ratio of the subscribers

If you look at the gender ratio of the subscribers of these two popular dating apps, then you will find that in Tinder, the men dominate with a 2:1 ratio.

On the other hand, the ratio of men and women in Bumble is 1:1. This is an ideal situation for any dating app as there are equal numbers of both genders to choose from.

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3. Who makes the first move?

One of the biggest differences between these two apps is that in Bumble, the woman sends the first message. This not only gives them the option of finally connecting with somebody whose profile they like but also to filter out creepy messages.

Thus, Bumble is more tilted in favor of the woman in terms of making the first move.

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4. Guys are proactive in asking for a date

As the number of men is two times that of the women subscribers on Tinder, they are very proactive in asking you out for a date.

You will find that just after two or three messages, most of them will ask for your phone number to converse with you and set up a date.

In Bumble, many a time, even after the app profiles are matched, the guy after having a good conversation will abruptly stop or may never ask you out for a date. But you have to be more patient to find the right person who wants to invest time and effort to meet and get to know you on a date.

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5. Diverse profile

Tinder has a more diverse range of subscribers compared to Bumble. Here you will find a mixed bag of people and you need to work hard to find the right person for you.

On the other hand, the average profiles of people on Bumble are homogeneous as most of them have high-paying jobs with great looks.

While this may be a good thing for those who are looking for quality matches, it can be a bit intimidating for someone new to this form of dating.

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6. Photos

On Tinder, you will find that many users have uploaded badly shot pictures.

Some of these photos are selfies while others look like their friends have shot them.

Compared to Tinder, the photos uploaded on Bumble look professional.

It also seems that the users of Bumble put in a lot of effort to understand what women like and you will see a lot of guy photos with their pets.

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7. Group hangout option

Earlier, Tinder had a ‘Tinder Social’ feature that allowed you to meet with other people with whom you wish to hang out in the future. However, this feature was recently removed and the app focus is now solely on dating.

Bumble on the other hand has a BFF option. This option allows you to swipe on interesting profiles with whom you wish to hang out, talk, or even do something that you do not want to do on your own.

Thus, Bumble gives you a more wholesome experience compared to Tinder which is focused on dating or hookups only.

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The success of a dating app depends upon a lot of factors that include the amazing interface, ease of use, the technologies that are used, and cultural presence.

While Tinder is excellent for those who are looking for short relationships, Bumble, on the other hand, focuses on matching people who are looking for long-term relationships. 

Furthermore, you will find that the Tinder app is a favorite among men, whereas Bumble is a favorite among women.

Therefore, first, find out what you are looking for and then make a smart choice between these two hugely popular dating apps.

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