10 Biggest Dating Mistakes Women Make That Chase Men Away
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10 Biggest Dating Mistakes Women Make That Chase Men Away

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Avoid these dating mistakes as a woman, if you want a man to fall in love with you. A lot of women make these mistakes on their first date. Do you want to know what these errors are? Read on to discover the dating mistakes women make that ruin their chances of winning a man over and over again.

10 Dating mistakes women make

1. Overusing their phone while on a date

A vast number of girls make this dating mistake. When on a date, there is nothing wrong with picking up your call when it rings or opening your phone when a text message drops. But overdoing this is a sign of distraction and unattentiveness. Most girls go to the extent of chatting and smiling with their friends on Facebook, while their potential date is talking. When a man notices this kind of behavior from a woman, it shows she has no regard for him, she’s less attentive and will likely not make a good wife.

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2. Ordering whatever they want

This is the number one thing men observe on a date.

That a guy is rich does not mean he likes spending his money anyhow. He might not object when you order an expensive meal, but inside of him, he knows you are not the one. So, whenever you go on a date with a guy, especially for the first time, try to have control over what you eat or want to eat.

Even if you have known each other for years now, try not to be a burden to him by ordering expensive items or meals. Instead, go for a soft drink. This is to make sure you are not creating a bad impression about yourself. And this is why most guys don’t go on a second date with a girl after the first date.

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3. Over-drinking alcohol

Even if you are an alcohol addict, try to limit the number of bottles you take while on a date. A report shows that 50% of sexual assaults involve alcohol. Before you go on your first date, make sure you know these dos and don’t of a first date.

A vast number of girls have been raped on a date as a result of the influence of alcohol. Avoid this dating mistake to not fall victim to rape.

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4. Caring too much about their appearance

It is very nice to dress well and look attractive. But avoid paying too much attention to your skin. For example, applying make-up is nice but too much of it is a big turn-off for guys. Keep everything light and simple but attractive.

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5. Not exhibiting confidence

Most women are not confident enough to attract and keep a man interested after their first date. Avoid being too shy or dull when you are on a date. Men love confident women who are both assertive and respectful. Here is my previous post on how to be more confident.

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10 Dating Mistakes Women Make That Chase Men Away

6. Being so cheap for him

Most women make this dating mistake often. Giving a guy sex on your first date is a sign you are too cheap. And men don’t want cheap women for a wife.

If you want to sustain a man and make him continue chasing you, refuse to give him sex until he has shown commitment. This is why most girls get dumped after their first date. A man will not value you if he can easily get you without working hard for it.

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6. Appearing to be desperate for love

Most ladies who are already in their 30s and 40s make this mistake. Never chase a man simply because you feel you are getting old. Avoid moving too fast. This makes a man think you are desperate and he is likely to take you for granted or even pull away.

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7. Revealing everything about your past

It is good to tell your potential partner about your past but telling him how many people have used and dumped you is not necessary. While discussing your past with your ideal date, endeavor to keep certain things secret. Some stories are not appealing to the ear and can chase a man away from you.

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8. Being needy and clingy

Being needy and clingy doesn’t help your relationship. Guys hate girls who are needy and clingy in their relationships. Try as much as possible to be an independent woman.

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9. Ignoring red flags

Another dating mistake women make is ignoring red flags that appear at the early stage of the relationship. For example, anger issues in a man are signs he might become toxic as the relationship progresses. Likewise, if he’s always afraid of giving you his phone, it is a sign he doesn’t trust you or that there is something he is hiding from you.

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10. Revealing your feelings too early

No matter how much you love a guy, never let him know how much you love him too early. He might not value your love. Play a little hard to get and pretend you are yet to like him. This will bring value to you and your relationship with him.

Final thoughts

We all make mistakes while dating. This is because no one is perfect. But in all these, avoid making these ten dating mistakes as a woman to keep a man interested in you till marriage.

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