14 Qualities Of A Good Man For A Relationship
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14 Qualities Of A Good Man For A Relationship

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All that glitters is not gold. Not every guy you meet is a potential partner. If you are looking for a way to identify a nice guy to date or get married to, here are the qualities of a good man.

When it comes to finding love, every woman knows what she wants in a relationship. Although a woman may be attracted to “prince charming,” when it comes to settling down, they look for a guy who knows how to treat a woman.

Consider marrying a man who has these 14 traits. He will make a good life partner. But before then, take a look at the most important things in a relationship.

Below are lists of best qualities in a man you should look out for in a relationship.

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Qualities of a good man

1. He is faithful

A perfect guy for any lady is faithful. A guy who is loyal will not only make a good husband or a perfect partner in a relationship but you will avoid being unnecessarily jealous.

Faithful guys love you unconditionally, without thinking about how to have affairs especially when you are not around.

2. He respects you

Respect is very crucial in every relationship. Whether having regard for your privacy, your boundaries in the relationship, your parents, and your friends.

When a guy respects you, he will avoid taking you for granted or forcing you to go contrary to your will. So, respect is another good quality of a man for a relationship or marriage.

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3. He has integrity

Integrity is another important quality a man should have. A good guy should have a good reputation. He is always honest with you. Honesty brings trust to a relationship.

A man of integrity is a man of honour. He is never the type that says a thing and means another. You can always confide in him. His honesty will make you find it difficult to believe any negative thing you hear about him.

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4. He takes care of you

Another important quality of a good man is that he knows how to treat a woman. He is caring and generous. He doesn’t take care of you alone, but he extends his generosity to your family and your friends.

A guy who takes care of you will always pay attention to your needs. He’s always sensitive enough to know when your emotions change. He needs not to be reminded before playing his role as a man.

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5. He is responsible and mature

Mature men in a relationship know how to handle relationship problems. You will know you are dating a boy and not a man by the way he deals with emotional issues in a relationship.

So, another important trait of a good man is that he takes responsibility for his actions. He knows his duty as the man, husband, or boyfriend.

6. He doesn’t abuse a woman

A gentleman makes a good lover. This quality makes him good husband material.

Most women today are dating toxic guys who abuse and end up dumping them. Would you like to settle with such a man? If ‘NO’ then look for a gentle guy.

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7. He is compassionate

Kindness is one of the best personality traits for a man. A compassionate man understands a woman’s feelings. He will never lose his temper on you when he gets angry.

Look for a man who is kind-hearted. He will never lift his hands on you when you have a quarrel.

8. He is God-fearing

One of the best qualities of a good man is that he fears God. A boyfriend or a guy who has no regard for a fellow human lacks God’s fear in him. Such men treat a woman the way they like, not minding what the society or people around them will say.

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9. He is not arrogant

Another amazing quality of a good man you should look out for is humility. A humble partner is never arrogant in a relationship.

A responsible man always apologizes to his woman whenever he is wrong. He is never the type of guy who exercises superiority over his woman. Rather, whenever he is wrong, he admits it and asks for forgiveness because pride kills a relationship.

10. He is courageous

Courage is another amazing quality a good man or a boyfriend possesses. He is never afraid to pursue or go after what he wants and believes in. A confident guy is charismatic and smart, but he does not allow any of these traits to get into his head.

Confident men are happy with who they are. A confident guy is never insecure. And they are not easily carried away by other peoples’ opinions.

11. He listens to you

Ask a vast majority of women about the type of men they want to date, and they will say ‘ a man who listens to them’

I know you wouldn’t like to marry a guy who doesn’t have time for you. Rather, you want a man to whom you can communicate your feelings.

A good man listens to you. He values your opinions and is very attentive when you communicate with him. That makes him an amazing partner.

12. He has self-control

Self-control is another good character trait in a man. A man without control can abuse you. Such a man will always bring disgrace to you and your family. Self-discipline is a positive quality you should look out for in a guy you want to marry or go into a relationship with.

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13. He is a man of vision

A visionless man will never cater for his family because he lacks initiative. A man with vision is worth settling for. He will always work harder to provide for members of his family.

14. He is money conscious

A man who is not conscious about how he spends his money will soon get broke. Even if you have been dating extravagant guys, look for a man who controls his expenditure. Such a man knows how to manage when there is nothing left in his pocket. And it is a sign of a responsible man.

All the above-mentioned traits are the qualities of a good man.


Qualities of a good man to look for
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