How To Talk To Your Crush For The First Time Without Feeling Nervous
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How To Talk To Your Crush For The First Time Without Feeling Nervous

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Initiating a conversation with your crush can be nervous. If you are finding it difficult to talk to your crush, we have some tips that can help ease that tension. Read on to discover how to talk to your crush, especially if you are shy to do so.

We all have people we develop intense feelings for. Both at home, at work, and in school. But approaching them to express how you feel becomes a problem. Your crush wouldn’t know you have feelings for them if you don’t tell them.

Those who have a boyfriend or a girlfriend did not start their relationship by keeping their feelings to themselves. When you love someone, you got to tell them before it’s too late.

In this post, you will find some tips on how to talk to your crush for the first time, either in person or over text. Get some ideas or inspirations from this post. Let’s get started.

How To Talk To Your Crush

1. Start with an introduction

The first tip on how to talk to your crush is to begin by introducing yourself. If you are initiating a conversation with your crush for the first time, start by telling them your name and ask them about theirs. For instance, you can start this way; hi! I’m blah blah blah… (your name) is a pleasure to meet you. And you? Don’t fall into the temptation of starting by telling them you like them. They might embarrass you.

2. Ask them about the weather or something else

The next thing you should do after the introduction is to ask them a question to keep the conversation going. You can ask them about the weather or something that happened, which you believe they are or aren’t aware of. The essence of discussing something else first is to make them feel comfortable talking with you. If they are not relaxed, then you will lose the game.

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3. Compliment their dress or hairstyle

After you are done discussing the weather, complement their dress, hairstyle, smile, eyes or anything you find attractive in them. For instance, you can say something like; I love the way you smile. Is it possible for you to teach me how to smile like a pro? This will make them laugh or even smile the more. When this happens, your crush will start seeing you as a funny person and will love to talk to you the more. We all love people that make us laugh or feel special.

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4. End the conversation by asking for their contact

After you have discussed the weather or whatever you chose to talk about with your crush, end the conversation by asking for their contact or social media name to connect with them online. I know you will like to discuss everything or even spend more time with your crush, especially if it’s your first time but don’t do that yet. You need to start gently if you want to successfully make them your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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5. Connect with them on social media

If you have successfully gotten your crush’s phone number or social media name, connect with them online to continue with your conversations and keep the friendship moving. The first thing you should do is to send them a message reminding them who you are and where you met them.

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6. Flirt with them

Don’t just end up telling your rush stories about yourself or other people. Flirt with them to see if they will flirt back. If they do, it means they are attracted to you.

7. Engage with their posts

If you have not talked to your crush over the text before, try to engage with their posts to make them notice you. Comment on their status and tag them when you upload pictures. After that, hit their DM to say hi for the first time using steps one, two, and three I discussed above.

8. Tell them how you feel about them

You should only tell your crush you like them when you have become their friend. If you are still a stranger to them, they might block you or even end up rejecting you. So, try to establish a friendship with them first. Here’s our post about how to tell your crush you like them.

If you are not sure your crush likes you, here are signs that will help you figure it out. And when you discover they don’t or have not yet liked you, here’s how to get your crush to like you.


How to talk to your crush for the first time without feeling nervous
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