10 Signs He Will Come Back Soon
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10 Signs He Will Come Back Soon

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Break up pains more than you can ever imagine. We all feel bad when a loved one suddenly gives up on us and says the relationship is over. Are you wondering if your ex-boyfriend will come back? Here are signs that tell he will definitely return to you.

Signs he will come back

1. He calls or texts to say ‘hi’

This is a major sign that your ex-boyfriend is thinking about you and will come back. If he has finally moved on, he wouldn’t have been checking up on you. The fact that he takes his time to send you a text or even dial your phone number shows that his mind is not at rest. He’s planning to return.

2. He still remembers your birthday

Does he often send you a surprise message on your birthday? Or even calls to wish you well? It’s an obvious sign he will return. An ex who has moved on doesn’t act that way. So, is another signal that he’s coming back to you.

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3. He keeps talking about the relationship

If he keeps complaining about why the relationship failed? It means he’s still interested and will come back to resolve everything. Most times he blames you for the whole thing, and sometimes, he equally blames himself. It is a sign he still cares about you and the relationship.

4. He wants to spend more time with you

Whether online or physically. He doesn’t seem to be in a haste to go whenever you meet each other. He appreciates the time you spend with them, both online and physically. It’s another sign you should be ready for his return.

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5. He tells you that the relationship can still work

Has he ever made such a statement while you are having a conversation with him? He’s not joking about that. He’s trying to tell you that he’s ready to give the relationship a second thought or try. Or maybe he hasn’t said such a thing but has told you that he wants the both of you to still be friends. This is the strategy he wants to use to reunite with you.

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6. Your mind tells you he will return

You got to trust or follow your heart. What is your mind telling you? Do you feel like he will surely come back after being away for a while now? If ‘yes’ then it’s a sign he will.

7. The relationship didn’t end well

Did you plan the breakup or did one of you initiate it out of anger? If it ended in haste, he will surely come back when he has realized his mistakes.

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8. He is still single

Has he moved into a new relationship ever since you broke up? If he did, is he still in that relationship? If ‘no’ then, he will probably come back. If he has chosen to remain single after ending the relationship, it’s a sign he’s not looking somewhere else and will still return to you.

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9. He has not stopped loving you

If he has moved on he wouldn’t still be affectionate with you. Do you feel like he’s still in love with you? Is a strong sign he still loves you and will come back.

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10. He still loves your family and friends

Even after breaking up with you, you discovered that he still loves your family and even associates with your friends. It’s a sign your ex-boyfriend is coming back. If he will not, he would have cut off the relationship he has with your family and friends.


10 signs he will come back soon
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