20 Unmistakable Signs She’s Into You
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20 Unmistakable Signs She’s Into You

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Knowing the signs she’s into you can give you the confidence to make the next move or to move on and find someone who does like you. But how do you know if a girl is obsessed with you or if she likes you more than a friend?

We’ve all been there: you like someone, but you just can’t tell if they like you back. Is she laughing too hard at your jokes? Does she blush when you walk into the room?

It can be excruciatingly difficult to tell if someone is interested in you, but luckily there are some key signs to look out for.

In this article, you’ll learn 20 unmistakable signs she’s into you, how to tell if she’s interested in a physical relationship, and how to tell if she’s just being friendly.

Give yourself a fighting chance! With these insightful tips, you’ll be able to know if she’s into you like never before.

What are you still waiting for? Let’s dive in.

20 Signs Shes Into You

1. She gets jealous when you flirt with other girls

One of the signs a girl is into you is that she acts jealous whenever she sees you talking to other girls. She might even end up asking you who the girl is that you are talking to.

If she’s inquiring about other girls in your life, it could be a sign she’s feeling a bit jealous. It may even be the case that she wants to get to know the girl she’s seeing you with. This could be a good indication that she’s interested in you and wants to get to know your world better.

You may even find that she’ll ask questions like, “Where did you meet her?” or “What do you guys normally talk about?” All of these can be signs that she’s trying to get a better understanding of the people in your life.

2. She constantly checks up on you

Do you find a girl calling you almost every day just to check up on you? It’s a sign she is really in love with you.

The fact that she calls you everybody shows that she is thinking about you. And when someone often thinks about you, it is a sign they are madly in love with you.

So, If her actions make you feel like she really cares about you, it’s a signal she is into you.

3. She tries to impress you

Girls don’t try to impress every guy, except the ones they like and really care about. If a girl makes extra efforts just to put a smile on your face, she likes you more than a friend.

4. She makes eye contact with you

If you often catch your female friend making eye contact with you, it’s a sign of attraction. When someone is into you, they focus their attention on you. And the only way to notice this is if they often make eye contact with you. They might be thinking of how amazing you are.

5. She remembers the small details you share in conversation with her

Only a girl who is into you pays much attention to your words. Not only that but she can recall everything you told her in the past. This shows that she always has you in her mind.

6. She finds reasons to touch you during a conversation

If a girl often finds some excuses to touch you, she is madly in love with you. Physical touch is an expression of love or a love language most people are not aware of. So, when next she touches you, especially in a playful manner, just know that she is really interested in you.

7. She actively engages in conversation and tells you about her life

Most girls are reserved. In fact, the majority of girls I know don’t like talking about themselves at the beginning of the relationship until they have come to like you.

If she tells you more about herself and reveals some secrets about her life to you, congratulations, bro. She is really in love with you.

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8. She flirts with you

Flirting is one of the ways to know if a girl is interested or not. If you find out that she is always the one flirting with you, then she likes you and wants to be more than a friend. Even if she is not the first to flirt with you but she often responds to your flirts, just know that she is interested.

9. She texts you first and often

If a girl likes texting you first, it’s a big indication that she likes you a lot. Girls like allowing guys to do the chasing game. But they start chasing a guy when they have fallen madly in love with him.

So, if you notice that your girlfriend often texts you each time you come online or that she sends you a direct message, it’s a sign that you have entered her head.

10. She compliments you often

When a girl compliments you, it means one thing; she is attracted to you.

If your girlfriend often says nice things about your dress, and your haircut or she keeps telling you all the things she likes about you, it’s an indication that you have entered her head.

11. She reminds you of the memories you shared together

Has she ever reminded you of the memories you shared together or even gone back to like your old pictures on social media? That is an indication that she is madly in love with you. When a girl is into you, she remembers all the memories you shared together and she keeps reminding you about them.

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12. She makes plans with you

Have you ever heard something like ‘I want to have a baby with you? This statement is common among girls when they like you and wants to have a future with you. So, if she makes plans with you, it means she likes you, and probably she is even obsessed with you.

13. She tells her friends about you

Another way to figure out if a girl is crazy about you is if her friends smile each time they see you. This is a sign she has already told them something amazing about you.

14. She shares information with you first

Are you always the first person she calls or texts to share good or bad news with? It is a sign she really has feelings for you and she doesn’t want your relationship to end in friendship.

15. She buys you gifts or sends you special messages

If you often receive sweet text messages from your girlfriend, is an indication that she always thinks about you and she is deeply in love with you. And if she ends up sending you gifts, oh! congratulations, bro, she is madly in love with you.

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16. She gets upset when someone says something bad about you

Have you ever noticed that she is over-protective of you? Maybe she reacts or gets annoyed each time her friends or someone else says something bad about you. This is an indication that she likes you more than you think.

17. She tells you she is missing you

If a girl always talks about seeing you or missing you, it means she has you in her heart and her head. In other words, if she constantly wants to see you on the grounds that she is missing you, it means you have entered her head and she really likes you.

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18. She pays more attention to you than other people

If a girl pays more attention to you than every other person, especially when you are in a group, it is an indication that she is in love with you. Girls withhold their attention from the guys they don’t like and freely give it to the guys that have won their hearts or love.

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19. She tries to learn more about your interests

When a girl makes effort to learn more about you and the things you like, she is interested in you. Only a woman who wants to have a relationship with you will want to know more about a man she likes.

20. She smiles when you’re around

Another way to know if a girl really likes you is by the way she responds when she sees you. If she gets excited whenever you are around her, it means she likes you and enjoys your company.


The signs that a girl is into you can be subtle or obvious, but either way, being able to accurately read these cues is key to developing a successful relationship with her. From body language to verbal expressions, paying attention to the signals she sends your way can help you determine whether she is interested.

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20 Unmistakable signs she is into you
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