11 Simple Ways To Keep A Girl Interested
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11 Simple Ways To Keep A Girl Interested

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How do you keep a girl interested over text? How do you keep a girl always interested? What makes a girl interested in a guy? How do you make a girl not lose interest in you? I know you’re here because of these questions. And today, I will be sharing with you, the best ways you can strongly hold a girl’s attention without making her lose interest in you.

We all feel bad when our crush stops liking us. It is normal to not want a girl who has fallen in love with you to eventually fall out of love with you. It is not a good story. Below are simple things you can do to not turn a girl off and keep her interested.

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How To Keep A Girl Interested

1. Do not change

One of the things that make girls lose interest in guys is when they suddenly change. Are there things you’ve been doing before that got you attracted to her? Do not stop doing those things. They’re the things that will keep her liking you. For instance, if you attracted her by being funny over the text, keep being funny whenever you’re having a conversation with her. Do not suddenly become a dry texter. This will make her lose interest in you.

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2. Surprise her

Girls love guys who are mysterious to them. And one way you can do this is to surprise her with a gift. You must not wait till her birthday before getting her a gift. And it must not be something big before presenting it to her. Here is my previous post about special gifts for girlfriends.

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3. Be romantic

If you’re not a little bit romantic to a girl you like, then you’re on your way to losing her. Even if she likes you, she wants you to flirt with her, a little. Some romantic gestures like getting her a flower, and telling her how beautiful she is, will make her not start losing interest in you. Girls like guys who are romantic. So, do not be over gentle. Try to be a little romantic to her. This will wire her sexually and will not allow her to suddenly fall out of love with you.

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4. Always compliment her

Bros, girls love compliments. And if you’re not giving it to a girl you like, she will soon leave you for another guy. Try to always compliment her whenever you notice something new in her. This will make her feel special. Girls love staying or being with people that make them feel special. And one of the ways to achieve this is by complimenting her. Do not overdo this so that she won’t get used to your compliments. If she does, then they (your compliments) will no longer be effective anymore.

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5. Be funny

Guy! If you don’t have humour, forget about keeping a girl interested in you. Girls want guys that will make them laugh. You don’t need to be a comedian to be funny. You just need to be jovial. Do not take everything too serious. Be the guy that knows how to turn a conversation into a joke. This will help you keep her liking you.

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6. Treat her with respect

No matter how funny and jovial you are, if you don’t treat her the way she deserves, she will leave you. You need to respect her time (mind when you call her), her privacy, and her values.

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7. Give her space to miss you

Do not be a clingy boyfriend. Your girlfriend will see you as a boring person if you don’t give her space. Avoid calling her daily, especially if you’re still in the early stage of your friendship or relationship. Give her a little space to be herself and equally miss you.

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8. Be responsible

A girl will give up on you if she finds out you’re not a responsible guy. A guy who is responsible doesn’t beat a woman or abuse her verbally. So, no matter how she provokes you, express your grievances in a calm and gentle manner. Do not create a bad impression on her at this early stage of your relationship.

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9. Do not cheat on her

A girl will quickly pull away from you if she discovers you’re a womanizer. She’s still trying to know you more. Do not chase her away by cheating on her. You need to make her realize that you’re a keeper.

When you approach a girl for friendship or a relationship, she is expecting to be the only girl in your life. Why make her feel jealous by flirting with other girls when she’s around? Convince her to believe that she’s your top priority and the only woman in your life. Bros! you’re not king, Solomon. Stick with one girl.

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10. Give her your attention

Girls love attention. And if you’re not giving it to them, they will soon leave you for another guy that has time for them. No matter how busy you are, always create time for her. She knows you’re a hard-working young man and she equally loves and appreciates that. But you see ‘attention? Bros, don’t stop giving it to her. She will lose interest if she discovers you don’t have time for her.

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11. Be your very best

Every girl wants the best as a husband and a boyfriend. If you’re not making any efforts to improve your life, she will soon lose interest and go for a guy who is better than you. No matter how much she loves you, she’s expecting that you will improve someday. So, bros! hustle so that another guy will not take away the girl you love. Gone are those days when you often quote that “the one for you will never leave, no matter what happens.” This is one of the motivational quotes most people post on social media after sabotaging their relationship. No girl wants to suffer these days. So, work on yourself. If there are bad habits you need to break to be more productive, do that immediately. Learn to plan your life and invest in yourself now to be more successful and productive in life.

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11 Simple ways to keep a girl interested
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