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16 Signs She Likes You More Than a Friend But Is Hiding It

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Does she want to become more than a friend? Read on to discover the signs she likes you more than a friend.

Have you ever caught yourself wondering if your female friend may actually be interested in you in more than just a platonic way? If you’ve been trying to figure out if she likes you romantically, the key to the answer lies in her body language.

The way a girl acts whenever you are around you can tell if she wants a relationship or not. Is unfortunate that most guys do not realize these signs earlier and they end up leaving her in the friend zone.

Today, I will be sharing with you signs that tell a girl wants to become more than friends but she might be too scared, shy, or intimidated to tell you.

How do you tell if your female friend has feelings for you?

There are many ways to predict if your female friend is attracted to you or not. Starting from her body language such as lingering eye contact, leaning into you when she’s talking, laughing at your jokes, and touching (e.g. touching your arm when you’re talking), to initiating conversations or making plans to hang out. If you notice any of these occurrences, it’s likely she has feelings for you.

In addition to this, If she goes her way to impress you, there are possibilities that she is crushing on you. But the only way to be sure is to tease her and make her admit liking you.

16 Signs she likes you more than a friend

01. She’s quicker to respond to you than other people

If your female friend responds quickly to your requests or messages, it is not because you are her friend that makes her respond quickly but because she has feelings for you.

When female friends like their guy friend, they tend to give him their attention more than every other person.

2. She desires to know more about you

One of the signs she likes you more than a friend is that she asks you questions to get to know more about you.

If she’s been asking you more questions than usual and seems interested in hearing your answers, chances are she’s looking to develop a deeper connection which could be a sign she likes you more than a friend.

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3. She makes you her priority

Another way to know if your female friend has feelings for you is if she does not joke with you. If you notice that she gives you her attention, time, and affection just to show how much she cares about you, it is a big sign she wants more than friendship from you. Take a step if you like her more than a friend and she will not turn you down.

4. She’s excited to introduce you to her friends and family

If you have ever noticed this from your female friend, just know that she likes you in a romantic way. When a girl wants to be more than friends with you, she will be bold and happy to introduce you to people that matter to her.

5. She smiles a lot when she talks to you

Smiling at someone is a sign of attraction and if your girlfriend does this often, it means she is attracted to you in a romantic way and she wants something more than being friends with you.

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6. She compliments you frequently

Constantly getting sweet compliments from a female friend is an indication that she is not only seeing you as a friend but she wants something more out of the friendship. So, do not take her words as mere compliments. She is secretly sending you signals to tell you how much she feels about you.

7. She finds excuses to touch you

Touching you when she is speaking is a sign she has feelings for you. Physical touch is not just a sign she is romantically attracted to you but a sign she wants to be intimate with you.

8. She’s concerned about you

Another way to know if a female friend secretly likes you is if she cares so much about you. For example, she feels sorry when something bad happens to you. In addition, she goes her way to help you until that problem is solved.

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9. She sends you flirty texts

This is one of the biggest signs to look out for if you want to know whether your female friend has feelings for you or if she just wants to remain friends.

If she always sends you flirty text messages, there are chances that she is crushing on you but is trying to hide it.

10. She feels relaxed and sometimes nervous around you

When you notice these signs, they mean two things; she enjoys your company (if she feels relaxed around you), and she is trying to communicate something to you but she is afraid (if she feels nervous around you).

11. She gets jealous

If your female friend gets jealous each time she sees you talking or flirting with another girl, it is a sign she likes you more than a friend but might be afraid to tell you. Girls don’t get jealous of you if they are not attracted to you in a romantic way.

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12. She wants to meet your friends and family

You will know she is no longer interested in a platonic friendship if she often requests to meet your friends or get to know your family.

So, when next she asks about your friends or relationships, just know that she wants more than friendship from you.

13. She says if you were my boyfriend

Does she often joke about being your girlfriend? or she admits you are her boyfriend she asked by friends? This is a sign she wants to become your girlfriend but might be hiding her feelings from you.

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14. She makes you feel special on your birthday

If she doesn’t forget your birthday and even makes efforts to make you feel special that day, it’s a hidden sign that she wants a relationship with you.

Therefore, do not just think she is doing that because of your friendship with her. Of course, she might, but just know that nothing goes for nothing. She is attracted to you in a romantic way.

15. She visits you often

If your female friend comes to your place more than you expected, it’s a sign she’s attracted to you more than as a friend. Not only does she comes to your place, but she helps you with your house chore and even cooks for you. Bro, she is interested in being more than friends with you.

16. She gets angry when you ignore her

If your female friend often feels jealous or bad each time you miss her calls, it’s a sign she likes you more than a friend.

Someone who doesn’t care to be more than friends with you will not bother so much about the way you treat them. After all, they are not romantically attracted to you.

But if your female friend often feels bad each time you ignore her, she really likes you more than a friend.

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16 Signs she likes you more than a friend but is hiding it

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