Why Is He Ignoring Me? 9 Reasons Why He’s Snubbing You
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Why Is He Ignoring Me? 9 Reasons Why He’s Snubbing You

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Did your boyfriend suddenly start avoiding you? You were once bread and honey, but now, he’s not giving you his attention anymore? You’re now asking yourself “why is he ignoring me? The fact is that something is wrong somewhere. Either from you or from him. Read on to discover why he’s giving you the silent treatment.

Guys don’t joke with the girl they like. It is hard to see a guy ignoring a woman he loves unless she has done something wrong to deserve that. He doesn’t just become cold and hot for no reason.

What does it mean when a guy ignores you?

When a guy starts ignoring you, it can be that he has lost interest in the relationship, and he’s trying to pull away, or that you did something wrong and he’s giving himself some space to recover.

Do Guys Ignore You If They Like You?

Real men don’t suddenly avoid a woman they like, except if he’s a player, or if you’ve upset him unknowingly. But when he likes you, he will always strive to be the number one person in your life instead of ignoring you.

If you ever noticed that your boyfriend is no longer giving you his attention as he used to do before, here are possible reasons why he’s doing that.

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Why is he ignoring me?

1. He’s already losing interest in you

Your attitude towards him can be the major reason why he’s ignoring you. For instance, if you always take him for granted, you always play hard to get, or he’s the only person fighting for the relationship, he may decide to withdraw from you instead of wasting his time with you.

Men don’t suddenly pull away from the woman they love. So, if your boyfriend is not listening to you anymore, nor does he respond to your requests, texts, or calls, it’s a sign he doesn’t want to date you anymore.

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2. He finds you unattractive

Men can be a little mysterious when it comes to loving a woman. You may think you’ve known everything about him today, but the next day he turns out to become another thing.

The moment a guy realizes that you’re not as attractive as he thought you were, he will start pulling away from you.

You may have attracted him by your physical appearance like; your beauty, dress, or any other material thing. But once he stops seeing those things, he will suddenly start ignoring you. It simply shows he’s no longer satisfied with you.

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3. You did something wrong

A guy will overlook or neglect you if you keep upsetting him over an issue or a habit he has been complaining about.

Some men are not like women when they get angry. Instead of arguing or fighting you, they will simply withdraw from you and cease to show you, love.

So, if your man suddenly stopped attending to your needs, or responding to your texts or calls, it is possible that you’ve upset him.

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4. He’s giving you some space

Being a clingy girlfriend can overbear him and make him start having little or no regard for you anymore.

When you’re being too attached to your boyfriend, the only thing he can do to have some space is to stop acknowledging your presence in his life.  For instance, you send him hundreds and thousands of texts without waiting for him to reply first.

You appear to be too desperate for him or seem to be taking the relationship too fast. All these can make him ignore you overnight.

5. He’s the only one reaching out

Every guy wants his woman to appreciate him and equally have something to contribute to their relationship. But once you allow him to be the only one getting in touch, he will assume you don’t like him or care for him. When this happens, he will stop giving you his time and attention.

6. He feels like you’re using him

Guys hate girls who only receive but have nothing to offer in a relationship. Once you are in this category, he will assume you’re a gold digger. Therefore, you’re not the right person for him.

So, instead of being the only person benefiting from the relationship, try and have something to contribute to his life. Not all men are after sex. Every man wants a woman that will support his dreams.

7. He feels like he has gotten what he wants from you

A guy may start neglecting you or stop noticing you if he only wants you for sex, and he has already gotten it. That is why it is necessary to know the type of guys you should date and the ones you shouldn’t.

Not every man is good for you. Some are potential partners, whereas some are destroyers who will use you and later dump you.

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8. He’s just too busy to attend to you

It does not mean that every time a guy is ignoring you that you’ve done something wrong. Most times, he may just be too busy to attend to you.

For instance, if he doesn’t reply to your texts or calls on time, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s avoiding you. He may be too busy to call back or text you at the moment.

But if he opens your texts without replying, he may be withdrawing from you. Or that he’s just busy with his work.

9. He’s already dating someone else

When a man starts ignoring you, it can mean that he has already seen someone else. Guys are not like girls when it comes to dating multiple partners at a time.

A girl can be dating several guys at a spot without any of them realizing that she’s equally dating another guy. But men are not like that.

When a man is having an affair, he will start shifting his attention and affection away from his woman. So, if your man is ignoring you, it can be that he’s dating another girl.

What to do if he ignores you

Below are the ways to deal with your boyfriend if he’s ignoring you. It also consists of what to say to him when he ignores you.

1.  Ask him

You can just send him a short text asking him what’s up. Whether you’ve done anything wrong and why he’s avoiding you. This will give him the opportunity to explain why he’s not giving you his attention anymore.

2. Distance yourself from him

If you fail to receive any response from him after contacting him, then you should consider giving him some space to miss you. 

Stop chatting or contacting him over the phone. Distance yourself from him to make him realize you’re not desperate for him. This will not only earn you some respect and regard, but it will also make him start chasing you again. 

3. If there’s a need to move on, go-ahead

One thing you shouldn’t do in this modern world of internet dating is to force someone to love you or stay in your life. If you do, then be ready to beg them to love you.

If you’ve realized that he’s ignoring you because he doesn’t want a relationship with you anymore, simply go ahead and end the relationship. 

It is better to be single and happy than to be in an unhappy relationship. 

Have you ever been ignored by a man you love before? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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