9 Signs You Are Emotionally Mature In A Relationship
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9 Signs You Are Emotionally Mature In A Relationship

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What is maturity in a relationship?

Maturity in relationships is a state where the couple or the two persons in a relationship are emotionally developed or strong enough to handle certain issues in their relationship, without acting too much drama.

A relationship is said to be mature if the two lovers have come to a better understanding of the purpose of the relationship. This helps them behave like adults while dealing with each other, and not act like new babes in a relationship.

For example, a mature partner knows that, for a relationship to stand the test of time, he or she needs to compromise on certain things. An immature partner will always want to win every argument or fight over unnecessary things.

Maturity is measured by the state of mind, and not by age. Most couples or lovers in romantic relationships are physically mature (by age) but are infants when it comes to relationship matters.

Here’s what we discovered about the age gap in a relationship, and how it affects love.

How is maturity important in a relationship?

Maturity determines the lifespan of a relationship. Immature romantic partners quickly break up, as soon as they encounter some challenges in their relationship, because, they are not just quite sure of what to do, or how to resolve those relationship problems. This makes them end the relationship instead of finding a way to solve those issues and continue growing in love.

9 Signs of maturity in relationships

Here are the signs you are in a mature relationship. And also the signs your partner is mature.

1. They are little to no drama in the relationship

An immature relationship is full of drama. A relationship drama refers to “an emotional state where one or both people in a relationship create an unfavorable feeling through control or manipulation.”

These negative feelings or acts include:

  • Hiding secrets
  • Lying
  • Cheating
  • Passive aggressiveness
  • Controlling
  • Physical fight, etc.

There is no relationship without crisis. But mature people know how to control their emotions in a relationship. 

Your ability to be in charge of your feelings without allowing them to ruin your relationship is what makes you a mature partner, and not your age.

2. You have good communication strategies

Good communication is the key to a healthy and lasting relationship.

Mature couples or people in a relationship settle every dispute or misunderstanding between them and their partner, amicably, without inviting a third party.

You will know if a relationship is mature or not by the way the two people in it always invite a third party to settle every conflict they have.

There is nothing wrong with inviting someone you trust to help you settle matters in your relationship when it gets out of hand. But constantly doing it shows you lack the ability to control your relationship.

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3. You compromise on certain things

Compromise is necessary when it comes to having a happy relationship.  Without it, you will always end up complaining, arguing, or even fighting with your partner.

So, if you always find yourself giving up on certain things like; your desires, arguments, or some wishes just to keep the relationship going, it is a sign you are mature enough in the relationship. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are too weak to act.

4. You have little to no fights or arguments in the relationship

When a relationship becomes mature, unnecessary fights and arguments diminish. The reason is that the two parties have grown emotionally to control those negative feelings that trigger a fight or argument.

Let’s see it this way-children are known to fight anytime they feel like it. But as adults (those who are emotionally mature), we learn to exercise control over some negative feelings.

That is what it looks like when you are in a mature relationship. Your emotions are no longer in control of you, but you are in charge of them.

Therefore, you learn to minimize those negative behaviors that are threatening your relationship in the past and continue to work on the growth of the relationship.

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5. You always admit your mistakes when you are wrong

Trying to win every argument is a sign of immaturity. But a mature man or woman is known by the way they act when they are at fault. They always admit their mistakes and apologize to their partner.

Admitting that you are wrong is not also a sign of weakness. But an indication that you are aware that pride kills a relationship.

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6. You don’t dwell in the past

Dwelling in the past doesn’t help any relationship. What do I mean by dwelling in the past?

  • You can’t let go of wrongs
  • You’re still having a secret relationship with your ex
  • You refuse to forgive your partner because they have made a similar mistake before.

All these are signs someone is still in the past. But if you have grown past this stage in your relationship, it means you are now emotionally mature.

A mature partner forgives their significant other. And if you are the defaulter, you apologize and try your best in order not to repeat the same mistake. That is how to identify a mature relationship.

7. Your relationship is not controlled by external influence

Immature people in relationships allow their friends and family members to control their actions toward their partner. They act on every piece of advice they receive from others, whether good or bad. But a mature partner evaluates every piece of advice they get before acting on it.

Most women are disloyal to their partners because of external influence. Likewise, most men maltreat their significant other because they are not mature enough to make decisions on their own.

8. You are happy to be with that  person

Mature partners in relationships accept and love each other, unconditionally. For example, if you are a man, you always feel satisfied with your wife or girlfriend, without secretly having an affair.

It is a sign you are mature in love. Only those who are emotionally ready for a relationship stick to their partner even when they have the opportunity to cheat on them.

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9. You make joint decisions

You have grown in your relationship if you and your partner make joint decisions and pursue one goal.

An immature partner is selfish. They want to be the center of attention and admiration. But you will know if your partner is mature enough by the decisions they make.

If their interest is for the betterment of the relationship, and not just for their own selfishness, then he or she is mature.

How To Be Mature In A Relationship

As I have stated earlier. A mature partner does not try to win every argument or feel bad when their significant other disagrees with them.

Therefore, to act maturely in your relationship, you should:

  1. Be willing to compromise on certain things
  2. Do not try to win every argument
  3. Consider your partner as equal, and do not try to show superiority
  4. Admit your mistakes whenever you are at fault
  5. Apologize when you are wrong
  6. Avoid acting too many dramas in your relationship
  7. Adopt good communication strategies to settle relationship disputes between you and your partner.
  8. Examine every relationship advice you receive before implementing it.


9 Ways to be mature in relationship
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