How To Make The First Move On A Guy And Make Him Fall For You
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How To Make The First Move On A Guy And Make Him Fall For You

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When it comes to making the first move on a guy, most girls feel very shy to do that. But the essence of this post is to boost your confidence and help you make the first move on the guy you like if he’s not showing interest.

What does it mean to make the first move?

Making the first move is about taking initiative and taking bold steps. It’s about putting yourself out there and taking a risk. And it can be a scary thing to do – but that’s also what makes it so exciting. So, making the first move on a guy is a risk but you have to do it, especially if you want him but don’t know whether he’s interested or not. To make things easier for you, here are some helpful tips to get started.

How to make the first move on a guy

1. Start a conversation with him

The first way to make the first move on a guy is to initiate a conversation with him. You can ask him about his day, something you have in common, his name, or even about the weather. Make sure your conversation doesn’t stop there. Keep bringing up new things to talk about until he becomes interested in the conversation.

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2. Smile and make eye contact

This will let him know that you’re interested and approachable. Guys interpret a smile they receive from girls as a sign they like them. And the moment a guy notices that you are looking at him, he knows you like him and he will show interest too if he feels the same way for you.

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3. Be flirty

Flirting with a guy is another way to make the first move on him. Try to compliment him, especially on his dress, his haircut, or any other thing you admire about him. Compliment him, touch his arm, or playfully tease him. This will signal to him that you are interested in him.

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4. Ask for his number

If you’re feeling bold and comfortable talking to him, consider asking him for his phone number. There is nothing wrong with a girl asking a guy for his number. But if you think is not right for you to do that, then you can tell him to add you up on WhatsApp. This is to ensure that you keep the conversation and the friendship moving.

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5. Be confident and tell him you like him

He might also like you but is trying to hide it or he’s not bold enough to say it out. So, why not make the move and tell him if he’s shy to do that? You can decide to tell him in a playful way to see his reaction. If he laughs over it, then he also likes you but is shy or doesn’t want to tell you yet.

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6. Ask him personal questions

There are questions you will ask a guy and he will know you are attracted to him. You can even ask him if he has a girlfriend. This will show him that you are interested in becoming his girlfriend.

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7. Offer to buy him a coffee or a drink

Another way you can make the first move on a guy is to offer to buy him a drink. To guys, this is a sign you want to start a friendship with them. I belt you, your guy crush will start showing interest after the very day you bought a drink for him.

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7 Ways to make the first move on a guy and make him fall for you
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