How To Get Your Ex To Like You Again
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How To Get Your Ex To Like You Again

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How can you make your ex love you again? Can an ex fall back in love with you? Or can an ex get feelings back after dumping you? Learn how to get your ex to like you again in this post by using these simple tricks.

Breakup sucks. It hurts to see someone you love leave you simply because the relationship didn’t work. But is that the end of the road? Don’t you think there is still a chance for you to make your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend fall in love with you again even if they have lost feelings for you?

Although it is never easy to get an ex to develop feelings for you again, especially if the relationship ended because of you. But if you still love him or her it is better to give it a try.

Below are some tips on how to make your ex want you back by falling in love with you again.

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How to get your ex to like you again

1. Do not appear to be desperate

I assume you and your ex have started talking to each other again. But to make things work out for you, do not appear to be desperate to have them into your life again.

Whether you get in touch with them over text or in person, do not give them a signal that you desperately need them to return. If they discover that you cannot do without them, they may delay coming back to you.

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Some attitudes that show you desperately want your ex back include:

  • Texting them always
  • Calling them every now and then
  • Replying to their texts as quickly as possible
  • Begging them to return, and
  • Telling them how much you missed them.

Instead of doing the above-mentioned, give your ex some space, both in texting them and how often you call them. This will help them to remember the good times you had together, and start developing feelings for you again.

Try to apply the no-contact rule to make him or her miss you and want you more.

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2. Develop a positive attitude toward him or her

The mistake most people make after breaking up with their ex is to start seeing them as an enemy. It shouldn’t be so if you want to reconcile with them in the future.

It doesn’t take much to make your ex fall in love with you again. A simple act of kindness you rendered to them can help you win their heart again.

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3. Build yourself to become a better person

No one wants to be with a nobody. Until you learn to value and take care of yourself, you will not be able to attract others.

This should be a time you should practice self-love. Take proper care of yourself. If there are some habits that have been hindering you from reconciling with your ex, put them aside now.

Work on building yourself to become a better version of who you are. If there are some things your ex hates about you, it is time to change.

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4. Start with a friendship again

Your aim is not to be left in the friend zone, but to become lovers again. But that won’t be possible without being friends first. It is in this process that they will start developing feelings for you again.

As you become your ex’s friend, do not forget that you were once their partner. And that is your target. So, avoid overacting like a friend.

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Flirt with him or her over text, on a phone call, and other means you can.

Instead of addressing them as your friend, you can call them your first sweetheart. This can be a way of flirting with him or her. And as time goes on, they will start having feelings for you again.

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If we are all given a chance to do one thing before we die, some will prefer to make their ex fall back in love with them before they pass away.

Every broken relationship can be repaired if the two parties are willing to work for it. Likewise, reconciling with your ex. With patience and constant practice of the above techniques, you will surely make your ex fall in love with you again.

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4 Ways to get your ex to like you again
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