10 Signs He Is Using You And Will Eventually Dump You
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10 Signs He Is Using You And Will Eventually Dump You

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When a guy is using you, sometimes it is not easy to figure it out. But today, I will be sharing with you, signs that tell he is using you, and will eventually dump you.

Most guys are players. They only come into a girl’s life to use and dump her at last. That is why it is necessary you test a guy’s love before allowing him to fill the hole in your heart. Doing this will help you to avoid unnecessary heartbreak. Testing a guy’s love will also help you to know if he truly loves you or if he’s just playing with you.

If you are ready to figure out if a guy is using you or not, look out for these signs in your relationship.

10 Signs he is using you and will eventually dump you

10 Signs He Is Using You

1. Hes only available when he needs you, not when you need him

When a guy is using you, he doesn’t make himself available when you need him, but when he needs something from you. For example, he only comes around when he wants to make love to you. Apart from that, he often claims to be busy. He cancels dates unnecessarily and repeatedly.

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2. You’re like a secret to him

He hides his relationship with you from his friends and family members. They don’t know who you are, and neither do you know them. In other words, you are both in a secret relationship. He doesn’t go out with you, especially to places where his friends and families will see you.

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3. He doesn’t introduce you to anyone

When a guy isn’t serious with you, he avoids introducing you to people that matter to him. Although, he makes promises to do so but always finds excuses not to. This is a sign he is using you.

4. You always feel like a second priority

If you often feel like you’re never a priority to this guy, it means he’s just dating you for his selfish interest. Maybe there is something he’s benefiting from you he doesn’t want to lose. If you are a priority to a guy, he will often make sacrifices for you and will also give you his time.

5. You feel like he always wants something from you

Your mind is never at peace. You often feel like you’re not being nice enough. All you care about is how to please him and not how he will make you happy. This is not a healthy sign in a relationship. Your relationship shouldn’t be one-sided. If you find yourself giving more than you are required to, then sit back and examine your relationship. Your boyfriend might be using you without your notice.

6. You are not sure if he loves you or just likes you

It is a bad sign if you can’t tell whether your boyfriend loves you or not. It means you are not sure of how he feels about you, who you are to him, and where your relationship is heading to. And this can be another sign that tells he might not be dating you with any serious intention.

7. He often has affairs

When a guy is using you, he will have multiple partners. These are girls he has affairs with, and still comes back to you, claiming he loves you. But if he is not fooling you, he will be committed to you or even make attempts to commit.

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8. He talks about his ex a lot by name or story

If the guy you are dating is serious about you and has decided to move on from his past relationship, he will forget about his ex and focus on you. But he is using you if he often tells you about his ex. This is a sign he’s just using you to deal with his emotional baggage. He may have not moved on from his previous relationship.

9. He always asks for sex

If all this guy does is demand sex from you, then he is using you for pleasure. A guy who truly wants to spend his whole life with you will not only be interested in making love with you, rather he will contribute immensely to building you up for a better future together.

10. He doesn’t listen to your point of view

When you are in a relationship with a guy who truly cares about you, he will often value your opinions. He will not just take decisions on his own without consulting you. This shows he values you and is not just using you for personal gain.

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