How To Make A Guy Text You First
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How To Make A Guy Text You First

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If you are wondering how to make a guy text you first, we have some tips that might help. When you want him to chase you, you will always want to get him to message you first. But it doesn’t just work by mere wishes. There are a few things you can do to get his attention and make him want to be texting you every time.

If you are ready to make a guy always message you first, here are a few things to do and the ones not to in order to achieve this. Whether you are in a new relationship, he is your crush, or you are just dating each other, do the following to get him to text you first.

How to make a guy text you first

1. Allow him to miss you over text

The first thing that prompts a guy to text you first is if he’s missing you over the text. And the only way to do this is to avoid chatting with him for some days, especially if he enjoys having a conversation with you, over text. By not messaging him for days, you are making him miss all the funs he use to have with you, over the text. This will make him start thinking about you and decide to message you even before you do. Here is my previous post about how to make a guy miss you.

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2. Always flirt with him over text

A guy will want to text you first if you are the only person who makes him feel happy each time he comes online. That is what prompts guys to text girls first. So, try to attract him over text by flirting with him. One of the ways to do that is to give him a mind-blowing compliment that will leave him thinking about you.

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3. Always make your conversations with him more interesting

Don’t be a dry texter. Having a boring conversation with someone over the text will not make them want to initiate another chat with you. So, try your best to always add value to your conversations with him. This will give him a reason to text you first.

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4. Endeavor to reply to his texts on time

Guys hate it when it takes a girl the whole day or some hours to reply to their texts. This does not motivate them to message you first, whenever they are online. But he will want to text you first if he notices that you are a good texter and you enjoy chatting with him.

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5. Make him realize you value his time for you

Guys value girls who value them. If you don’t show him you appreciate the time he spends with you, online, he will never text you first. Rather, he will look for another girl who values his time with her. We all try our best to avoid those who take us for granted. So, if you notice he has been or has ever texted you first before, do not start taking his attention to you for granted. Once you do that, he will stop texting you first.

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6. Be funny over text

Everyone likes spending time with people who make them laugh, either in person or over text. Being funny or doing things that will cause laughter in the face of your loved ones is not only for guys. Girls can do that too and keep a guy interest with them over text. It is only when a guy is interested in you that he will keep texting you first.

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7. Be mysterious to him

A guy will keep thinking about you and will want to know more about you if you seems to be unpredictable to him. Girls who are mysterious tend to attract guys more than girls who are not.

The only way to do this is to play hard to get at the beginning. Do not disclose everything about yourself immediately. This will make him want to know more about you and will often text you first.

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8. Make him obsessed with you

A guy will always want to reach out to you over text if he is obsessed with you. So, now your relationship is new, try to make him feel obsessed with you and he will want to be chatting with you always.


How to make a guy text you first
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