10 Long-Distance Relationship Red Flags To Be Aware Of
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10 Long-Distance Relationship Red Flags To Be Aware Of

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Red flags are warning signs that predict or reveal the true state of a relationship, couples may not be aware of. Here are some long-distance relationship red flags you should be aware of.

What do red flags mean in a relationship?

Red flags are danger lights that tell you a relationship is not healthy or not worth your time. They are warning signs that something might be wrong in a relationship. For example, cheating, lying and any kind of abuse are red flags in a relationship.

Red flags can be difficult to identify in a long-distance relationship. This is because there are little things you may not consider as warning signs since you are not together with your partner. An example of this is a lack of communication from your partner’s end.

Although he or she may give excuses that they’re very busy with other activities, that is why they find it difficult to reach out to you. But most times, it is not always true. And this is a red flag most romantic partners ignore. But I shall explain in detail, what it means if your long-distance relationship partner suddenly stopped reaching out first because this is a warning sign that something is wrong in your relationship.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you may be wondering ‘what are the red flags in a long-distance relationship?

Below are some warning signs you shouldn’t take for granted if you’re in a long-distance relationship.

10 Long Distance Relationship Red Flags

1. You are the only one who often reaches out first

If you are the only one who reaches out first to your partner either in calls or text messages, it is a red flag you should observe in your long-distance relationship. And this means that you are the only one who is concerned about the relationship.

No matter how busy your long-distance partner may claim to be, they should make out time for you. This shows you’re a priority to them and they want the long-distance relationship to work. But if you are often the only person initiating a conversation with them, it means he or she may have lost interest in the relationship, especially if this is not how they act before.

The remedy to this problem is to discuss it with your partner. You can ask them questions to know if you have done anything wrong or if they’re simply not interested in the relationship anymore, because this is a big sign they’re not investing their time to make the relationship succeed.

2. Your partner is often detached

Dating an emotionally unavailable partner can be frustrating. This is a red flag in long-distance relationships because, most times, when a partner seems to be distant from you, it might be a sign they’re cheating on you.

People who cheat in a long-distance relationship often give excuses that they’re busy with work, just to tell you they’re not detached from you. But the fact is that, if you can’t feel that chemistry between you and your partner anymore, they’re detached from you, and this can mean something else.

The only solution to this is to also discuss the issue with your partner. Tell them you don’t feel that emotional connection between you and them and this shows they’re not connected with you anymore. Communication is the key to resolving any type of relationship problem.

3. Your partner hangs out late at night

A partner who goes to nightclubs and other activities that has to do with the night may likely find another person and end up having affairs. If you find out that your partner often returns late at night or goes out every night but denies it, it is a red flag.

This is a red light for those who have not met each other before but they’re in a long-distance relationship. Your partner doesn’t bother or make effort to meet you in person, nor do they agree to have video calls with you. This is a sign they are not real.

4. Your partner doesn’t make effort to see you

If you have not seen each other before and you have had the opportunity to meet each other but your partner doesn’t want or care about that, it is a red light you should look out for in a long-distance relationship. This is a red flag especially if you are the only one making efforts in the relationship.

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5. Your partner is always demanding

If all your long-distance girlfriend or boyfriend do is ask for money, it is a warning sign, they might only be interested in what they will gain from you, especially if they don’t give or add any value to your life. There is a big difference between helping your partner when they’re in need. A partner who asks too much, especially in terms of material possessions may not make a good partner in the long run.

6. You’re always quarreling

If you have never had a peaceful conversation with your partner before, it might be a sign you are not compatible with them. Too many quarrels in a relationship, especially in long-distance ones are not healthy signs and you should be aware of this.

7. Your partner is too clingy

A clingy partner may show some signs like love bombing you. And you may think this is a good sign because of the attention and affection you receive from them. But being too clingy in a relationship is a red flag you should be aware of.

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8. They manipulate you with words

Is your partner someone who manipulates you with words just to get what they want from you? Do they often threaten to leave you if you fail to do certain things for them? It is not a healthy sign in a relationship. A manipulative partner is often controlling in nature and might end up being abusive.

9. They hardly apologize when they’re wrong

A partner who always claims to be right is a proud person. And proud people don’t make a good relationships. Pride is one of the destroyers of a relationship. So, if your partner is someone who hardly admits their mistakes nor apologizes when they’re wrong, they have pride in them which is a red signal in a long-distance relationship.

10. They often lie to you

If you have caught your partner telling lies on different occasions, it is not a good sign in a relationship. A dishonest partner is not trustworthy and they’re likely to cheat on you.


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