10 Ways To Test If A Guy Likes You
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10 Ways To Test If A Guy Likes You

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Sometimes it is good to test if a guy likes you after confessing his love for you. Most people pretend they care for you not until their love is proven otherwise.

Fake love is sometimes difficult to identify, especially when you are truly in love with the other person. But the “love that is not tested and proven is not worth depending on.” Some guys are players in disguise. They only come around to use and dump you. That is why knowing how to test a guy’s love is the only way out.

Why you should test a guy’s love

Testing a guy to know if he truly loves you will save you from unnecessary heartbreak. Your heart is so delicate to be given out to anyone who confesses their love for you.

Below are the ways you can test a guy to see if he really likes you.

How to test if a guy likes you

1. Be open to him

One way to test if a guy really likes you is to be open to him. Tell him everything he needs to know about you and wait to see his reaction. If you have a sad story and he pulls away after hearing that, he doesn’t like you.

One of the mistakes most girls makes while getting to know how a guy feels about them is to live a fake life. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else to make a guy like you. If a guy really loves you he will still accept you even after seeing the bad side of you. So, stop hiding your real self from guys if you really want to test their love for you. Be open to them. If a guy withdraws from you after you have told him some sad stories about yourself, he doesn’t like you.

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2. Test the level of his commitment

You will know a guy likes you by the level of his commitment. You can test his commitment to you by asking him for a favor. It must not be monetary favor. This is a huge turn-off for most guys. You can ask him to help you do something. Or if there is any other way you know you can test how committed he is to you, do it. For instance, you can ask him to help you repost your picture on his timeline on your birthday. This is a little way to test how committed a guy is to you. Think! There are other ways you can test his commitment.

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3. See if you are a priority to him

If you are not one of his priorities, he doesn’t like you. Test him to see if he values you or if you’re just an alternative to him. To test if a guy likes you, see if he gives you his attention and time. A guy who doesn’t have time for you doesn’t love you. Everyone is busy, but you make out time for people you love and care for. So, if a guy claims to like you but is always busy with other activities or his friends, he doesn’t like you.

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4. See if he’s proud of you

You will know if a guy is proud of you by the way he reacts when you are together with his friends or colleagues. To figure this out, always make eye contact with him whenever you are in a group, especially with other people or his friends. Does he try to distance himself from you, or even focus on other people more than you, it is a sign he’s not proud of you, and this is another way to test his love.

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5. See if he gets jealous

Another way to test if a guy likes you is to try to make him jealous. If he ends up being jealous when you tell him about another guy or when he sees you with another guy, he really likes you. Guys get jealous when they like you. But if he doesn’t, his feelings for you are not genuine.

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6. See if he’s only after your body

A guy who is only interested in sleeping with you will only be fantasized with your body. He doesn’t make efforts to add value to your life. All he talks about is how sweet you will be in the bed, and other dirty talks that does not profit you. So, test him by asking him why he likes you and what he likes about you.

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7. Tell him you’re pregnant for him

You should only say this if he has slept with you before. Most girls get pregnant for a guy and he ends up dumping them. To know if he really loves you, tell him you’re pregnant for him to see if he will pull away from you. If he does, he doesn’t love you.

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8. Distance yourself from him

If a guy doesn’t get in touch with you after some time of not hearing from you, he doesn’t really like you. If he does, he will try to connect with you after some time of not communicating with you.

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9. Make him angry

You will not simply lose a guy that loves you if you make him angry, depending on the level of the provocation. I and my girlfriend are in a long-distance relationship. Before we become closer, she provoked me several times but I still find myself going back to her after being angry. So, test if a guy is serious with you by annoying him. If he likes you he will stay, if he doesn’t, he will go.

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10. See if he takes you for granted

If there are things you’ve been doing for him but he doesn’t seem to care about those things, it’s a sign he’s taking you for granted. What you should do is to withhold your affection from him to see his reaction. If he doesn’t care about that, he doesn’t like you.

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