How To Make A Cheating Boyfriend Feel Bad
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How To Make A Cheating Boyfriend Feel Bad

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It is normal to want to know how to make a cheating boyfriend feel bad if your man has cheated on you before.

Cheating is one of the reasons why relationships fail. People cheat for different reasons. But one thing is that the bitterness that follows after being cheated on doesn’t go immediately. That is why most people look for possible ways to take revenge on their cheating partner.

In this post, I will share with you, tips on how to deal with a cheating boyfriend and make him regret having affairs. So, if your boyfriend is unfaithful to you, here is how to treat him and hurt his feelings too.

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How to make a cheating boyfriend feel bad

1. Make him realize he’s losing you

One of the ways to make a boyfriend who cheats feel bad is to make him realize your worth. You can do that by making him feel jealous. By instilling a sense of jealousy in him, you are making him realize he’s not the only guy who’s interested in you and he can lose you if he continues cheating on you. Here is my previous post on how to make a guy jealous.

2. Flirt with other guys in his presence

Guys feel bad when the girl they’re in love with flirts with another guy. It triggers jealousy in them. So, if you want your cheating boyfriend to regret having affairs, flirt with other guys when he’s around. This will make him realize how you feel for being cheated on.

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3. Go no contact with him

Ignoring your boyfriend is another hurtful thing you can do to make him feel bad after cheating on you. Act as if you don’t care about him anymore. He will regret having affairs, especially if he still loves you. You can decide to go no contact with him for some days. He will go crazy about that if he’s deeply in love with you.

Remember, that a guy cheated on you does not mean he doesn’t love you. Some men still cheat on a woman they love. So, start ignoring your boyfriend for a while when you realize he cheated on you. He will regret doing that when he realizes he’s about to lose you.

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4. Date his best friend

Your boyfriend will go crazy when he realizes you’re dating his best friend when he has not broken up with you. You’re not doing this to end the relationship. You’re doing it to punish him for cheating on you. You can also save his best friend’s picture as your phone background to infuriate him when he sees it.

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5. Withhold your attention and affection from him

Not giving your boyfriend the attention he needs from you is a very painful thing you can do to him when you realize he has cheated on you. Cancel dates and avoid seeing him for a while. This will make him sad for cheating on you.

6. Make everyone realize he’s a cheat

No one feels happy when they’re caught cheating or when they’re exposed after being caught having affairs. So, if you want your cheating boyfriend to feel guilty for cheating on you, expose them. Make your friends and his friends realize he’s a cheat. He will feel ashamed of himself.

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7. Make him realize how he has hurt you

The best way to make your boyfriend feel bad for cheating on you is to make him realize how much he has hurt you. You can do this by being mad at him after proving to him that he cheated. After that, pull away from him for a while and allow him to chase you. Even if you will forgive him, allow him to make efforts to win you back first before accepting his apologies. This will make him also value you.


How to make a cheating boyfriend feel bad

8. If you can’t forgive, break up with him

Your unfaithful boyfriend will regret his actions if you eventually break up with him for having affairs. You should end the relationship if you don’t feel like loving him anymore. This will make him feel awful, especially if he still wants the relationship to continue.

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9. Try to live a happy life without him

Your man will never feel happy if he realizes that you can stay without him. If you have finally decided to break up with him, try to work on your looks or appearance to make him miss everything about you. Be happy as possible to make him realize you’re happy without him.

10. Return everything he bought for you

If you want your boyfriend to feel guilty for not being faithful to you, then return everything he bought for you. Doing this will make him realize how much he has hurt you as soon as you return his belongings. This will not only make him feel bad but he will apologize and ask for forgiveness.

11. Send him a hurtful message

Your boyfriend will feel your pain if you can put down your feelings in writing. Send him a message or a letter that will make him realize you regret giving your heart to him. And that real men don’t cheat on their wives or girlfriends, but boys do. So, having cheated on you shows he’s not yet a man but a boy. This is just a hint of what you should include in your message.

Will a guy feel guilty for cheating on you?

If a guy still loves you and he knows how much you care for him, he will feel bad when he realizes that you know he cheated on you. Although most guys take their girlfriends for granted, every reasonable guy will feel guilty for cheating on a woman that truly loves him.

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