15 Signs Your Ex is Happy Without You
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15 Signs Your Ex is Happy Without You

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Do you think there are signs your ex is happy without you? If you are thinking about your ex, you will be wondering how they feel about you. But the truth is that some ex gets over you immediately after the breakup. Whereas, others take time before moving on, simply because they still want you back.

Breakup is a tough experience, whether you were the one that initiated it or not. But sometimes, it is after a heartbreak that you will know if your ex loved you or not. But that is not the focus of this article. In this post, I will be discussing the various ways to tell if your ex is happy without you. So, if you are trying to know if your ex is not yet over you, or they are, learn these signs. They will reveal how your ex feels right now.

Although, it can be difficult to tell if your ex is truly happy without you. However, there are some tell-tale signs that may indicate that they are content without you in their life.

Signs your ex is happy without you

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1. They have moved on

One sign that your ex may be happy without you is if they are dating someone new. If they have moved on and are in a new relationship, it’s likely that they are happier without you. When your ex has finally dealt with the grief, and the bitterness they had after the breakup, they move on and finally forget everything about you. Their moving on can be starting a new relationship, doing the things they love, or not even discussing you with their friends anymore. This is a sign they are living happily without you.

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2. They don’t seem to be missing you

Another sign is if they are no longer contacting you. If they are not reaching out or trying to keep in touch, it’s a good indication that they are doing fine without you. If your ex doesn’t call or even text you at least, once in a while to say ‘hi’ it means they are not missing you, and they are living their normal life without you. An ex who misses you will never be happy without you. But if they have stopped feeling lonely since they broke up with you, they are happy being without you. Here is my previous post about the signs that tell your ex is thinking about you.

3. They’re enjoying their present life

If your ex is happy without you, they may be enjoying their newfound freedom and independence. If they are traveling, taking up new hobbies, or spending more time with friends and family, it’s likely that they are content without you in their life.

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4. They don’t stalk you on social media

You will know your ex is fine without you if they have stopped noticing you on social media. They don’t say any ill thing about you, nor have they blocked or unfriended you to show they are not happy with you. All these show they are doing well and are happy without you.

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5. They have stopped feeling bad about you

When an ex finally stopped feeling nervous, angry, or bitter when they finally meet you, it is a sign they are coping and doing well without you. But you see that ex who often tells people how wicked and heartless you are, they are the ones that can’t live a happy life without you. So, if you notice that your ex doesn’t seem to feel bad about the breakup anymore, they are happy with their present life.

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6. They’re busy with their life

You will know an ex is not over you if they are still making out time for you. But when your ex tells you they are busy when you want to meet them, it is a sign they can stay without you. If not, they will seize the opportunity to meet you and express their grievances or discuss possible ways to reunite with you.

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7. A lot has changed in their life

One thing you will notice about an ex who is happy is that everything about them changes. Bother their dress, physical appearance, and their relationship with others, they tend to smile a lot, especially when you are around so that you will notice they have moved on and are okay with their life without you.

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8. They accept to help you when you need their help

An ex who is happy without you will not hesitate to help you whenever you need their assistance. They are not doing it to show they are still interested in you but to show that they don’t have any negative feelings against you anymore and that you might also see that they are surviving without you.

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9. They now mind their business

Your ex is happy without you if he or she doesn’t get bothered about anything that concerns you or interferes with your affairs. Rather, they try their best to focus on what matters to them than keep thinking about you, about the failed relationship, or even complain about you.

10. They’re physically happy with everyone around them

If you seem to notice that your ex is always happy around everyone and smiles a lot, especially when you are around, they are trying to show you that they are over the breakup and are moving fine without you.

11. They tell you they’re fine

Have you ever tried to explain yourself to your ex and they end up telling you is okay and that they are fine? They are really fine and don’t want your explanations or apologies. They’re trying to let you know that they are already living a happy life without your presence in their life.

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12. No one talks to them about the breakup anymore

If you notice that no one tries to comfort them or encourage them to move on anymore, it means they are already over you and are happy now. Even their friends or family members don’t seem to get angry when they see or meet you.

13. They’re happy in their new relationship

Another sign your ex is happy without you is that they are doing well in their new relationship. They don’t seem to let their previous relationship with you interfere with their new relationship. Rather, they live happily with their new partner and try their best to make the relationship work out for them.

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14. They don’t follow you on social media

You might still be friends on social media or they have already unfriended you. But the most important thing is that they don’t follow or engage with your posts. Rather, you find yourself being the only one engaging with theirs. Sometimes, when you drop a comment on their post, they ignore it. They’re simply showing that they have moved on and are happy without you.

15. Your mind tells you

If none of these signs convinces you that your ex is content without you, then listen to what your heart is telling you. It may probably be telling you that your ex has moved on and they are fine even without you.

Final thought

In conclusion, it is important to remember that everyone is different and there is no surefire way to know for certain if your ex is happy without you, but these signs are meant to help you figure out how your ex feels about you. Do you think your ex is manifesting any of these signs? Drop a comment below.


15 Signs Your Ex Is Happy Without You
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